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Alerts notify you of small cap stocks that are at pivotal points within their near term cycles.  


Upon receiving an alert, you have a short time frame to preform due diligence on a potential trade brought to you by us.

Stock Picks

Dispatched In Real-Time



7-Day Free Trial

  • Cancel Anytime

  • Low-Cap Stocks With Potential

  • Sent On Telegram

  • Alerts Before The Volume, Before Chaos

  • Quality Over Quantity Picks

  • Intra-Day Trades

  • Swing Trades

What We Offer in Our Telegram Channel


Versatility in Decision Making

Our telegram includes alerts that can be categorized into three categories: Day trade, swing trade, and week-long trade. Our alerts are suitable for different lifestyles, depending on the allotted free time, the choices are there to choose from.

Attentive Feedback

We listen to all of our member's feedback, your voice matters. We desire to construct an environment that is suitable for everyone.

Empower Growth

Quality controlled alerts paired with sound market analysis will lead to a better style of trading and empower growth.

Momentum Alerts

Telegram alerts include stocks that are seeking a continuation after a run, utilizing the momentum from previous days to push prices higher.

Short Trapping Alerts

Our alerts consist of a short trapping strategy, allowing traders to enter trades where volume isn't fully developed yet, profiting off the natural cycle of the stock market.

Quality Stock Alerts

We choose our stock picks carefully based on one of our four strategies.

Our Services

Our mission is for traders to reach their maximum potential by furnishing their itinerary with our Telegram channel, newsletters and detailed breakdowns of the market.

Image by Rubaitul Azad

Stock Alerts

We offer our executive Telegram channel for traders that desire to enhance their portfolio through us providing our members with quality stocks alerts sent on Telegram. Visit our FAQ for more information.

News Reading


We disperse member driven educational content about day trading low-cap runners. We desire our members to able to fluidly adapt to market conditions, especially when volume develops after our alerts.

Industrial Structure

Detailed Breakdowns

We provide detailed breakdowns  behind the actions of the market for our members to better understand the market. A trader that is well informed has an advantage by understanding preempting market psychology.

Our Motto

Before The Volume,
         Before The Movement

Our core focus is delivering our members stocks ahead of ascent. We are confident in the method to consistent and rapid portfolio growth from the quality of entry points.

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